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Oct 26

Radio Ranch

"Where are y'all from? Asked a weathered looking haymaker to the couple that walked through his shop door one rain soaked summer afternoon in Cody, Wyoming.

They didn't know what to say.

Life had made a habit of keeping them on the road for so long that the meaning of the question had become almost arbitrary. Their delayed response as the looked towards each other prompted him.

"No matter, you look like you belong right here," the man said.

Rhett Henry Baxter and Camille Elizabeth hail from America's Heartland but have made homes of various locales in the west over the course of the last decade in pursuit of what they love: traveling, climbing, skiing, alpinism, surfing, and ultimately-storytelling.

Their similar interest in music and songwriting were immediately apparent. Inspired by the folk revival of the 60's and traditional country music, they've long been in love with the freedom of wide open country and the people within it. Music is an extension and an expression of the people, the places and all the live lived along the way.

Late one whiskey fueled night, the first time they met in a parking lot of a ski area, the idea was planted.

Radio Ranch was born on the road.

All ages are welcome, 21+ to enjoy beverages at the bar. Tickets are not required. This event is free and open to the public however tips to the band are always welcome and appreciated!